Handy Hints For Fixing Your Confusing Information Architecture

Information architecture isn’t sexy. In fact, good information architecture shouldn’t be something your website visitors even notice. Information architecture is basically how your site is designed. We’ve all seen site maps – those are basically outlines of your IA. It’s the organization of your website, how things are arranged, and it needs to make sense to your visitors.


Unfortunately, not enough businesses focus on their IA or they
assume their customers use their site in the same way they would. This
blog post explains why you must pay attention to your IA and includes
some handy hints to figure out if it’s working.

I Can See Clearly Now

The non-profit Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA) recently released a study called Finding Information: Factors that improve online experiences.
One of the main findings was that visitors are looking for “simple,
accurate, fast, and easily navigable web sites.” Visitors to websites
reported feeling lost on websites or not knowing where their desired
information was in much higher percentages than the designers of the

Your designers may have the best of intentions and be highly
creative, but it’s up to you to ensure your customers can find the
information they need and know where they are on your site at all times.

Website navigation starts with your IA. Here are some handy hints to
help you determine whether your website is easily navigable and, if
not, how to start fixing it.

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