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They're calling it the Ideapad S10, and with its 10-inch LED backlit screen and 2.4lb weight, Lenovo's [OTC:LNVGY] new ultra-portable is looking pretty spiffy. It measures just 9.8 x 7.2 inches and comes preloaded with Windows XP, wisely eschewing memory- and processor-hogging Vista. Running the show is an Intel Atom chipset, which will make use of some proprietary heat-dissipation technology developed by Lenovo in-house to keep your legs and wrists cool. Outside the US, a smaller screen size model will be available, as will Linux models, but details on those versions are scarce. Here's how the pricing works: for $400, you get 512MB of RAM with an 80GB hard drive, and for $450 you get 1GB RAM with a 160GB hard drive (for $50, the upgrade seems like a no-brainer.) Both models will be available in black, red or white, and will sport an integrated 1.3MP camera, 2 stereo speakers, a multi-touch pad, and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. 

As far as expansion goes, you can pack 2GB of RAM into the Ideapad, and you can also add a WWAN card in its Expresscard slot. Battery options are 6- and 3- cell, lasting 6 and 3 hours respectively. Add some of Lenovo's backup software and a special power-saving barebones UI for simple functions, and the Ideapad is looking increasingly like an Eee competitor.