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Yesterday, August 1st, I was interviewed on South Florida's NPR station about Jamaica's Independence (Jamaica celebrates 46 years of Independence from Great Britain on August 6th).

This interview was the result of some interesting coincidenes, as well as my volunteer work with the Jamaica Diaspora Organization. I was asked to be the Youth Spokesperson for the Jamaica Diaspora Southeast US region - 13 US States, from Arizona to North Carolina down to Florida, and recently attended the bi-ennial Diaspora Conference in Jamaica, put on bythe Jamaican Government.

The Advisory Board member for our region, Marlon Hill (who also happens to be our lawyer), called me on Monday saying that he needed my "spokesperson voice" for an interview because he would not be able to make it due toa wedding.

I was supposed to only fill in for Marlon and Sheryl Wynter was to represent the Jamaica Consulate office in Miami. Unfortunately for her, she hurt her back and so I was left to carry the entire interview by myself.

The fact that these people could entrust such a vital interview to me, at just 27 years old, is definitely an honour, but it also goes to show how important it is to cultivate a positive reputation, volunteer with organizations and make your strengths known.

They knew that I have had lots of experience doing interviews and speaking in public so it was easy to call me to find out if I would do it.

That kind of personal reputation goes far and this interview will expose me to many more people in high places since we taped it and put it up on YouTube (on the Diaspora channel I created for the organization).

I have leveraged my knowledge to help the organization make better use of technology and they reciprocate by helping to promote me and my venture.

I hope that you volunteer with at least one organization this year.

Watch the interview -