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LG Announces LED-Lit LCD

A couple of weeks back, I blogged about Samsung's [SEO:005930] gorgeous Series 9 LCDs. Those sets featured a trio of killer features — the now-popular 120Hz refresh rate for smooth on-screen action, a powerful and even LED backlight, and localized dimming to achieve pitch blacks. Now LG [SEO:066570] is announcing a similar competitor dubbed the 47LG90. Like the Samsung, the 47LG90 will sport million-to-one contrast ratios, 120Hz motion processing, 3 HDMI inputs, "invisible" speakers, LG's SimpLink control technology, and — most importantly — localized dimming. There's really no way to say too much about this technology and the effect that it achieves. It's the way LCD TVs were meant to look, hands down.

But enough with the plaudits, and back to the specs: the 47LG90 will sport a "teardrop" form factor that will run a middle-weight 5 inches thick. It will also be ISFccc calibration ready, so that professionals can calibrate the display to your home's light and viewing conditions. 

The 46-inch 47LG90 will be available in September for $3600; Samsung's 46-inch Series 9 will cost $3200 by comparison and be available in August. Better luck next round, LG...