FujiFilm Announces Oddly Intimate Camera

With a name like the Finepix “Glam Cam,” FujiFilm’s [NASDAQ:FUJI] new digicam smelled like mischief from a mile away. The Z200fd, as it’s known by day, looks from the outside like any other ultra-slim, pocket-friendly party camera: 10MP sensor, 5x zoon lens, and a fashionable metal enclosure. But dig into the spec list a little bit and you find an interesting function called the “Couple Timer Mode.”

The Couple Timer makes use of two existing digital camera technologies, one that’s as old as film, and another which has only really proliferated recently: the timer and the face-recognition functions. In this case, the camera’s face recognition software superintends the timer and shutter to a curious effect. It waits until the two faces in the frame get very close before firing the shutter, presumably so you can capture that perfect moment — be it a kiss or a Scottish head-butt.

Just how close the faces get before the shutter snaps is user-programmable, so sorority girls everywhere, rejoice! Your drunken cheek-to-cheek party pics will no longer require the participation of your brain. Just point the camera, tap the shutter, and let the camera watch you until it assesses the moment as appropriate.

And thus, the line between convenience and creepiness gets blurrier.CD