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Often when I speak to people about success and personal development, I sense that some individuals doubt what I speak about. Many people are very skeptical of the message that emphasizes the importance setting specific goals and going after them. Most people figure that if you continue to hustle doing whatever you’ve been doing, you’ll someday stumble upon success.

This week I was going through my old documents and I pulled my goals which I set in April of 2004. I had broken my goals into long, mid and short term goals. My long term deadline (3 years) was May of 2007, last month. What a delight it was for me to be able to look at those long term goals and realize I had achieved almost all of those goals I set 3 years ago. These goals were broken into Personal, Business and Education/Career.

These goals were bold, audacious and at the time seemingly out of reach but through the process of clarifying them, I began the journey towards achieving them. Because I clarified these goals for myself, I can look at my progress today and boldly exclaim "I Am Successful". By clarifying your goals you set your own standards of success and then you go after it.

One of my business goals was that by May 2007 my business – Young & Able cc, which was only a year old then- would be recognized as a major player in Business and Personal Development field. I am to proud to say that this has happened and the bold turnover figure I put down we have surpassed!

Enough about me; what about you? Are you content just waiting for your ship to come in or will you swim out to it. Clarifying your goals is about staking your claim to what you believe is possible for you. It is about saying about saying, I know I have this great potential and focussing on activating within a certain time-frame.

Don’t be like the person who said "I always wanted to be somebody – I wish I had been more specific". If you don’t clarify for yourself where you want to be 3 years from now, don’t be surprised that you are still in the same place after that time.

Here is my advice from a personal experience that can change your life:

  1. Take a piece of paper or a notebook and go to a quiet place, in your garden, park or behind a closed door.
  2. Think about what you want for yourself, what will make you happy, what will make you a fulfilled person and what difference you want to make in the world around you.
  3. Then start writing your long term (3-years, for older people this is longer) goals, then your mid term goals (1-year) and short term goals (6 months)
  4. Divide these goals into 3 areas Personal, Professional/Business and Education/Career. You can do more areas if you want.
  5. Ask yourself what your first steps are going to be and commit to doing it. This might mean enrolling for that course, doing some research, getting a mentor and more.
  6. Allow these to sink in and refer to them often, once they are in your system you’re on the right track.

Earl Nightingale said "People with goals succeed because they know where they are going…it’s simple as that."

What do I say? ‘Nough said!


Buhle Dlamini is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Writer as well as the Founder of Young & Able Youth Advisory Services cc, helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into performance, succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams. Young & Able is also an implementing partner to Heartlines a values-based Mass Media Initiative. Get Buhle’s FREE monthly Success Newsletter by visiting his website at you can also join to get and stay motivated


By Buhle Dlamini