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Music to My Ears

William Barrell wrote about how a song inspired him and his business in his blog, I Believe I Can Fly. As a writer, both of fiction and for, music has often inspired me. Sometimes you reference a lyric or song title in something you write (bonus points to those who got "Not Quite Conversation"). And sometimes the mood of a song haunts you and affects the tone of your writing.

While I usually listen to podcasts while I'm in the office, I will only put on music when I am writing a long feature. In these cases, the music helps me shut out the world and focus my brain on the matter at hand. Music can hit a person's emotions in a more direct way than almost anything else. If you can use those emotions that a song wells up in you, whether it is while writing something or brainstorming for your company's next quarter, then you are putting more than your mind into what you are doing.

How do you use music at work?