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Is this the first sign that Asus [TPE:2357] is not the immutable force of nature we once thought?

The maker of the popular Eee PC is pulling back on its plans to release its three forthcoming mobile phones, one of which was the flashy Lamborghini-branded ZX1 smartphone (the other two phones were to be called the P560 and M536). Speaking to CNET Asia, Asus representatives said that the phone project had been postponed because of the "technical immaturity" of a key part being made by one of their suppliers. Their language leaves some room for the resumption of development, but there's no telling when that might happen.

The hyped Lamborghini phone was to be a 3G world-phone that Asus claimed would be "just like the iPhone." Their marketing may have left something to be desired, but so did their price scheme; they estimated that when the Lambo phone was to go on sale in Europe it would cost nearly $1,500 USD. Besides the price, the phone's supposed spec was not noteworthy: 128MB RAM and a card slot, 3MP camera, Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, WiFi, and a QVGA display. Will anyone miss this thing? Probably not.