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A few weeks ago I posted an interview with Matt Greeley, the CEO of a company called Matt explained that his company had a turnkey innovation feedback portal that let users submit and vote on ideas, so companies can sort out the useful feedback from the fluff (full interview here).

After that interview I started thinking, "If Cisco Systems can use to run their I-Prize program and collect, rank, and sort ideas from over 100 countries, why can’t I use it to engage my readers with an interactive pitch portal? That way you - the reader - or any interested party can submit a pitch for Fast Company Buzz and vote on other story ideas. On my end, I would be able to see exactly what you wanted me to cover." I asked Matt if he would help make this happen and he agreed.

Two days ago, I soft launched the Fast Company Buzz pitch portal and it’s already getting traction. One pitch about a drug delivery device that talks you through how to save a life is dominating the voting with 4 times as many supporters as the next closest pitch. This story will obviously get a full write up here on the Buzz. On Twitter, PR and Marketing strategist Mark Tosczak described the portal as "Something like Digg for story pitches" and told people to post.

Since Fast Company Buzz looks for companies that are breaking new ground and changing the game, I believe it’s only right that FC Buzz also looks to break new ground. The pitch portal taps into true social media by letting everyone vote and pitch on what should be covered.  All the pitches and votes are open to see, so just posting a story idea will get you exposure. By adapting the portal for media, Fast Company Buzz is crowdsourcing its stories the same way Cisco Systems crowdsourced its I-Prize innovations.

Here’s your chance to take over the media and help me pick the stories that deserve to be covered. Join the conversation, read the pitches, vote on the ones you like, and in the process help me bring you the most buzzworthy stories.

Vote and Pitch HERE. Additional instructions are on the Pitch Portal blog page.

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