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If you've never played around with an HD camcorder, let me be the first to tell you that the quality — when you pair the device with an HDTV, of course — is utterly surprising. Now that you want to shoot all your home movies in HD, it's time to go bargain-hunting for HD cams; unsuprisingly, they're all pretty expensive. That is until now.

Toshiba [OTC:TOSBF] announced this week its new Camileo H10 HD camcorder, complete with the usual 720p recording, and sporting a 5x optical zoon, a 10MP sensor and a shameful 64MB of on-board memory. It'll be up to you to supply a massive memory card to put into the device's SDHC card slot, but the other requisite specs are all there: image stabilization, motion detection, and an HDMI out port. No word on battery life, but here's to hoping it's close to 4 hours — the largest SDHC card you can get is 8GB, which will hold about 4 hours of HD video.

The Camileo will be available in the UK for about $360 at the end of this month, so we should see it on our shores come fall.