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I came to work today with an email alerting me to a friend request on Facebook. It was someone from High School who, not only was I not close with, kind of acted like a jerk toward me. So what is the etiquette here? Do I just ignore his request? Do I friend him and start a dialogue to see if he has changed?

The answer to this conundrum may come down to how a person uses social networking. Why do you create a profile page on any of the networks? I created the Facebook profile on a bit of lark. Would I mind getting a message from a high school friend that I have fallen out of touch with? No. Do I mind that someone who wasn't a friend has contacted me? I am still not sure. Much like the creation of said profile, I am ambivalent. And in this day and age, where social networking has become so common place, others must be facing this same dilemma.

So, do you accept every friend request you get? Why or why not?