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There has been a little bit of speculation as to the form-factor that iriver's [KDQ:060570] new media player, the Spinn, would take; early FCC leaks seemed to suggest that it would operate via a traditional directional pad. But the official word is here, and that word is touchscreen (with haptic feedback). The device is officially listed on iriver's Korean site, with specs and all. Here's what the Spinn has in store:

Battery power while listening to audio stands at 24 hours, which is respectable, but the device suffers from a lack of an expansion port. It will be 10.7mm thick, made of a mixture of metal and plastic enclosure elements, and navigation will happen on the face of a 3.3-inch AMOLED display running at 480x272 pixels. The Spinn will also sport T-DMB TV, Bluetooth, and its trademark cylindrical spin-wheel for non-touch navigation. South Koreans can pre-order the Spinn 4GB model for about $260 or the 8GB for about $300, which seems unreasonably high considering there is no memory slot to expand storage. The UK will see the Spinn arrive on August according to rumors; presumably the US will be next on the list come fall.