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Batman isn't just a comic book character who has been franchised for multiple movies, he's a leader. He happens to be a leader that we in business can learn a lot from.

Batman is my favorite Superhero. And I'm not talking about The Dark Knight as portrayed by Christian Bale (not that there's anything wrong with that) - but I love the classic Super Friends Batman, the DC comic book Batman and even the Adam West Batman. He's the one I think of when I see the Bat-Signal.

More than any other Superhero, Batman teaches some real-life, practical Leadership Lessons. Here's what I have learned from him:

Understand That You Are Human: Batman is one of the few Superheros who has no super powers. He has to remind himself of these limitations to keep from doing things that are beyond his capabilities. While there may be some Super-Leaders, there are no Super-Human-Leaders.

Use The Best Technology Available: Wouldn't you love to wear a utility belt? What Batman lacked in physical power he more than made up for in gadgets. Technology is essential but don't overload your belt. Use what you need and travel light.

Choose The Right Face For The Right Place: If you ever saw Clark Kent at work, you would know. Those glasses aren't fooling anyone - He's Superman. Batman, on the other hand - now that's a mask! You may never wear a mask to work but your face reveals more than you think. In my new book, Toy Box Leadership: Leadership Lessons From The Toys You Loved As A Child, chapter 5 shows the lessons that Mr. Potato Head® can teach about communication. Here are a couple of quotes:

  • "The face is the courier of the message, an extension of one’s emotions, and an interpreter of one’s intent."
  • "Remember, it’s your first expression that makes the first impression."

Bruce Wayne would not have been very intimidating showing up to a bank robbery in a white dinner jacket and loafers. Just as Batman would have been a bit overdressed at a ladies civic luncheon wearing a mask. He always chose the right face for the right place. And his choice usually communicated his intent.

Be Prepared: Four words - Shark Repellent Bat Spray.


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