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The Q1 is Samsung's [SEO:005930] tepidly-received attempt at an ultra mobile computer, and it's apparently slated for a much-needed revision next year. But before that happens, the Korean electronics giant is trying to get the current iteration of the Q1 as close to perfect as possible by offering two new versions of the machine. The first is the Q1U-CMXP, which will make use of integrated 3G wireless to rival the OQO for interstellar domination. The second revision — the Q1UP-V — is also known as a Q1 Ultra Premium (easy on the superlatives, Samsung) and will feature Vista Business as an OS.

The 3G version of the Q1 will also feature b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, and regular old ethernet in addition to its AT&T broadband card. Outside the addition of 3G wireless (which is long overdue in this blogger's opinion) the device's spec is unchanged from the last model, the Ultra XP, which launched in May 07. The 3G version is available now for $1500, while its "Ultra Premium" counterpart is paradoxically priced more cheaply at $1450.

With all the excitement surrounding new small-footprint and battery-sipping processors coming from Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] and Samsung's own enthusiasm about high-capacity solid state drives, hopefully the next revision of the Q1 will boast more revolutionary improvements — and keep the 3G wireless.