Announcing the Fast 50 Reader Favorites of 2008

Every year, Fast Company magazine releases their Fast 50, the fifty most innovative companies doing business. And every year, since I’ve been working here, asks users to submit their own suggestions of who the most innovative companies are and, in turn, to rate the submissions. This year is no different and after tallying yours votes we have published’s list of the Fast 50 Reader Favorites.

For those who are curious, here are the top five:
1. Marathon Technologies
2. Data Robotics, Inc.
3. Sales Spider
4. Consorte Media
5. YouMail

When you examine these top-rated companies a trend becomes apparent: companies that provide services for other companies are valued. And YouMail, the only business providing a service directly for the public, is largely corporate too. Also, besides telling us which firms are best at motivating their fans and clients, our entire Reader Favorites list reveals which companies were at least innovative enough to care about a website’s submission contest and push to get to the top.

Thanks to all the companies that submitted nominations and congratulations to all 50 of the Reader Favorites!