5 Essential Tips To Jumpstart Your Marketing Career

My syndication through BrazenCareerist
has made me think a lot more about my career path. In part, my vocation
(online marketing) did not even exist when I was in college.

How did I get here? And how can I help others find success in their marketing careers?

I posed the following question to my friends in the WordPress
Marketing Bloggers Network (WMBN): “What was the most important lesson
that prepared you for your marketing career?” Their replies were
insightful, honest, and practical. Here are 5 essential tips to help
you on your way to a career in marketing.

I guess I would boil it down to two words: Don’t Stop.
Don’t stop writing, thinking, learning, meeting people, whatever. Once
you stop, you’re done. Try something new or different and if it doesn’t
quite work, don’t stop, just try it a different way. Marketing is about
constantly tweaking, even when it’s working.

-Rick Liebling, eyecube

As a creative guy (copywriter), it was sometimes
frustrating to see the client change something that I’d worked really
hard on. But then a creative director sat me down, explained that my
passion was admirable, but it was their money. It’s important to state the argument, but if they don’t agree, it’s their money.

Then, we went for a beer.

-Matt Hames, Share Marketing

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