Facebook Connect + Microsoft = Business Model For Facebook?

Facebook is still hunting for a business model and reading Om Malik’s Why Facebook Connect Matters & Why It Will Win post got me thinking:


If Facebook is going to make it even easier for people to create
content, searching that content within Facebook is going to become even
more important.

I have a very simple solution:

Adapt the Google AdWords model to work inside the Facebook ecosystem – ads show up beside search results based on relevance and advertisers bid for position.

Facebook is not yet a big search space to my knowledge but I would much prefer to search for cool stories about cellphones as chosen and shared/posted by real people than some algorithm any day and so it would grow quickly.

People-powered search is getting attention today but the lack of results is killing them. Facebook has a gigantic database of results chosen by real people, the most critical piece of the puzzle.

Microsoft owns a stake in Facebook, hey have a search platform (that needs some fixing of course) and they already serve banner advertising in Facebook.

Hello out there – are you already working on search integration to compete with Yahoo and Google?

People care most about what their friends recommend but if you can place relevant ads beside such great results, you could actually make some money.

It’s at least worth a shot and the relationships are already in place.

Over to you Zuckerberg and Ballmer.