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Today is apparently Samsung day here on the Tech Watch blog, partially because your humble blogger attended a fancy Samsung media demo event today in New York's West Village, and partly because the tech gods haven't bestowed upon us anything else of interest today. In any case, on with the gadgets:

Samsung [SEO:005930] debuted a nifty media streaming device at CES last year, but it had a handful of flaws — its network interface, for example, was USB only. Samsung has happily refined its MediaLive Media Center Extender (redundant, yes) by adding WiFi, and positioned it at the $200 mark to compete with similar set-top-boxes from Linksys [NASDAQ:CSCO] and D-Link [TPE:2332]. The device can be mounted on the back of some of Samsung's TVs, or stowed away out of sight thanks to an HDMI-CEC remote control. The device (like its competitors) will allow users to have a near-full Vista Media Center experience via their TV, which is about as good as home media experiences get, thanks to Vista's top notch system. No word on whether the device will work with non-Samsung TVs.