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The potential success of Mentee/Mentor pairing can often times be similar to that of dating. There are a host of reasons why a paired Mentee and Mentor would not be the ideal match, some of which are differences in:

o Personality

o Work Experience

o Performance

o Ethics/Morals

o Lifestyle

o Education Level

o Personal Interests

o Age

o Sex/Gender

o Scheduling/Availability

The purpose of implementing a Social Networking Mentor Program is to provide a low cost and low maintenance training & development solution for internal employees. Through the utilization of Facilitated Self Selection your organization can minimize the time required to maintain the program. Facilitated Self Selection is a database that houses the goals of the Mentee and the experience of the Mentor. Based on this information, the database then populates an ideal pairing, reducing the required pairing time of HR by 71% or 44 Minutes per pairing. Follow these easy steps to implement a Facilitated Self Selection database:

1. Create an online Associate Questionnaire, to be completed by each current and future participant, which captures work experience, education, professional development and personal growth goals.

2. Create and maintain a database (MS Access) that houses the Associate Questionnaire data.

3. Create queries based on the goals of the Mentee and experience of the Mentor. The database should then automatically populate a list of the top 5% of potential Mentor/Mentee pairings.

4. Pair Mentor/Mentee’s based on the results from the Facilitated Self Selection. Just like dating, there may be times when adjustments need to be made, therefore, it is recommended that any SNMP be flexible and accommodate changes requested by either the Mentor or Mentee.


Similar to renting a car, you take better care of the vehicle when it is owned. Facilitated Self Selection is a great tool for associates and empowers them to take full ownership of their Mentor/Mentee relationship, enabling them to make adjustments to the relationship as needed.

Additional Questions?
Rachelle Handley has conducted extensive research and has consulted rapidly growing Hi-Tech Firms to develop and implement Social Networking Mentor Programs. The SNMP’s increase EE New Hire Time to Productivity by 20-25% within the first 3 months of implementation. For additional information regarding the development and/or implementation requirements of Mentor Programs contact Rachelle Handley at or visit People Development & Operations.