Majority Culture Mentors Have Hearing Problem

Recently, I was discussing the perennial problem minorities have with finding startup funding with a Caucasian “successful businessman” sort.

I explained in brief that we seldom have credit scores, and definitely don’t have money or jewel stashes, securities, real estate, or credit cards.  He appeared to listen.

When I finished the synopsis, he said, “If several of you were to join together and pool your credit cards, even with small credit lines, you could fund one startup, and once it’s going, get the startup  money back from it, then fund another one.  If you made a list, you could eventually fund everyone in the group and get everyone’s businesses going.”

Thus proving to me once again that the real reason we beat our heads on the wall is because it feels so0o good when we quit!  I often wonder if I have an invisible voice..  Many of us ITI wonder the same thing.   CTE