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July isn't usually a big month for tech product announcements, but Panasonic [NYSE:MC] is bucking the trend by announcing three pretty capable-looking digicams. Starting with the low end, there's the small form-factor Lumix DMC-FX37, which the company says will sport a 25mm ultra wide-angle lens, a 10.1MP sensor, 5x optical zoon and a movie mode that shoots at 720p. Granted, 25mm isn't really "ultra" wide angle — that designation would be better fit by a 15-20mm lens — but still an impressive spec list for $350. That model will be available in September.

Arriving above the FX37 is the FZ28, which seems to have majored in telephoto in college — it sports a whopping 18x optical zoom. Capturing is done with the same 10.1MP sensor as the camera's new little brother, and that big zoom lens can shoot wide-angle at 27mm. The FZ28 will be available for $450.

A step up from the FZ28 is the LX3, which appears to utilize the same sensor capturing at 10.1MP, as well as a speedy F2.0 24mm Leica DC Vario-Summicron lens, and a similar 720p film capture mode. The LX3 will come in compact DSLR form-factor, like the FZ28, and be available for a whopping $500.