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Francisco couldn’t get this to re-post here, so gave me permission to do it.  For me, this is one of those “answers to a maiden’s prayer” posts.  OK, so I haven’t been a maiden for awhile.  Picky, picky!  🙂  CTE 

Micro Venture Capitalists – Filling the Funding Gap

Posted by Francisco Dao on July 20, 2008 at 3:16 pm

used to be that venture capitalists either went big or went home. If
the investment wasn’t $1.5 million or more, the deal just wasn’t
interesting to them. Unfortunately, this often left early stage
companies facing a funding gap between what they could raise from
family and friends and the big money the VCs wanted to invest. Angels
helped fill the gap, but this still left limited options for the
entrepreneur looking for money in the $250K to $1.5 million “no-man’s

Now, with the IPO market in shambles and big exit options becoming
more limited by the day, a new breed of VCs is stepping in to fill the
funding gap. I spoke with Don Rainey, a partner at D.C based Grotech
Ventures, about this new trend. Don explained that many VCs are now
willing to go smaller and earlier because it gives them the opportunity
to get a much lower valuation and therefore a bigger upside. He also
added that it gave the early stage VC an inside track on later rounds.
We also discussed the funding/startup environment, which he felt was
currently more balanced for the entrepreneur and less biased toward the
VC, and how the investment criteria for early stage companies are
different than for a larger, more mature investment.

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