What about Me?

The most frustrating thing about Apple’s newly introduced “mobileme” service is that it seems I can’t create an alias return address with my own domain name. Yes, I can forward all of my other email addresses to my address, but if I reply using the service I must use my email identity.

At best, it’s not obvious how to use my own email address if I want to.

Why is this important? For one, I generally don’t use my address when I’m at the office (where I can’t seem to kick my Entourage habit). I only use it when I’m “on the road,” meaning I don’t check it as often. So anyone who receives a email from me replies to my address — and I don’t necessarily see (and could easily miss) those emails.

And, by the way, I have five different emails, each of which serves a distinct and important business purpose — my address, by comparison, is meaningless.

I understand that Apple’s grand scheme is that they will “own” my email experience, that I will use their “cloud” exclusively, and in their world my complaint is irrelevant. But what about letting “the rest of us” keep our own identities if we want to instead of turning them over to Apple?TM