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Greetings. My first posting. Bear with me as I get the hang of this. I was taken aback by the latest Fast Company on the topic of courage. I was particularly struck by the article by Kasparov. In it he talks about losing a chess match because he was playing sloppy and failed to take a pawn early in the match — it was a move he could have done at any time, but didn't. And in the end, as the board got messier and messier, he paid for not tending to the simple act of taking that pawn. Ultimately, the board go so messy, he lost the match — the pawn was the culprit of cascading doom that filled the game.

Which got me wondering whether the reverse is true: Is it possible to tend to the little moves day by day and along the way achieve huge transformation within an organization? The pawn, in fact, is always there for the taking, but how few leaders take the small moves to enable large ones later. Thoughts?