The Watchmen Movie Trailer and Niche Marketing

Last night, Warner Bros. released online the trailer for the film adaptation of graphic novel Watchmen. After a two second conflict with myself over whether I should wait to see the teaser in the theater — it is attached to The Dark Knight — I clicked on the play button.


As a huge fan of Alan Moore’s book, often called the Citizen Kane of comic books, the trailer really got me excited. But, that was its very problem. The visuals are intriguing, the Smashing Pumpkins song hypnotizing, but the narrative being glimpsed at will not make any sense to someone who has not read the Watchmen book. The trailer was cut to appeal to the niche of existing fans more than to bring in the mainstream movie-goers. I am not sure that was a wise move for the first trailer — I think that strategy would’ve been better for the second trailer or a teaser they could play at Comic Con next week.

In the end, it probably doesn’t matter. With its appearance before the highly-anticipated Batman sequel, the job of finding an audience for the film is more than half done. And I have faith that director Zack Snyder will get the Watchmen the attention it deserves. Back to analyzing the trailer now.KO