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I'm on the way to join a group of women at BlogHer2008, and among them will be Tina Tran of EmpowHer.

EmpowHer is the brainchild of my friend Michelle Robson, who realized when she had a (probably) unnecessary and traumatic hysterectomy that women didn't have adequate access to good health information directed specifically at them. After several years of doing it herself, and becoming a national health advocate on behalf of her friends, she got interested in the power of the web to deliver that kind of information.

 It took her a couple of years to get EmpowHer built the way she wanted it. Fortunately, she didn't really listen to me when I kept on telling her to launch early and often, and spent the time to put the right team in place and iterate several revisions of the site.

 Now it is finally available, especially the part I think is going to be the key business advantage for Michelle: the Health Events Database. Health Events will be (and already is) a comprehensive database of patient education efforts held by non-profits, hospitals, schools, and others who try to help women get the information they need.

Most of the people who hold these events have miniscule marketing budgets, so although they hold seminars, classes, and lectures, they can't reach the people who need to know about them.

Health Events will fix that, putting all the events in a single searchable database. It's having a soft launch right now, and she will probably kill me for writing about it, but's the eve of BlogHer, and it's a perfect time to do it. If you try the database and you know it's not complete, help EmpowHer complete it:-) The EmpopwHer team takes feedback well; they're a startup and on the way to being a big success.

(Disclosure: I'm on the advisory board and I'm Michelle's friend, so I'm VERY biased).