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Hot on the heels of the announcement of their new ZEN X-Fi media player is news of another Creative [OTC:CREAF] media player, apparently to be called the ZEN Krystal. When it comes to names, there's no accounting for taste — one would think the moniker "Krystal" left us along with conical bras and the Cold War — but this little doohickey seems to pack a pretty good punch, speaking spec-wise. It was discovered as listed on the company's Chinese website by bloggers at Anythingbutipod, and reportedly sports 4GB of solid state storage, a blue Organic LED display, an FM radio tuner and support for MP3 and WMA music files. Separating it from the pack, however, is a built-in pedometer that would allow users to keep track of their pace, number of steps and distance while running or walking. That's a little like the Nike+ [NYSE:NKE] system that currently works with Apple's [NASDAQ:AAPL] iPods. No word as of yet on release date stateside, or planned retail price.