The Leading Edge – Leadership Defined

Leadership is creating the possibility of a future

that wasn’t going to happen

and then enrolling others

into taking action to fulfill that future.

Ivan Rosenberg, CEO, Frontier Associates

Through The Effective Leader Program, Ivan and his company recently did that with Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino who had previously seen themselves as simply a provider of low cost housing for the disadvantaged. After working with them to imagine beyond their imagination, they committed to everybody having a stable and enriched quality of life. And housing is the first stepping stone to accomplishing that. When looking from the present forward they didn’t think they could do anything to reduce the waiting period of 8 years because of limited resources. But in standing in this new future, and looking backwards to the present, they were able to develop a doable strategic plan for reducing the wait time to 10 days.

If you’re like me, you also love both smart and wise approaches to solving problems.

For those of you who like listening to something that is really smart, you won’t want to miss, Dan Heath’s Virtual Seminar, Creating High-Impact Ideas that Work, a great live presentation for you and your team on August 28 presented by the Center for Great Management.

And one of the best opportunities to get a huge serving of wisdom will be to catch leadership guru, Warren Bennis, co-author of the recent book, Judgment, and just released book, Transparency, when he is interviewed on “Leading for a Lifetime,” a free TeleForum on Tuesday, July 29 at Leading News, hosted by Marshall Goldsmith and Patricia Wheeler.