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In his blog post, It's the End of Blogging as We Know It, Norman Birnbach discusses Jason Calacanis' announcement that he would quit blogging and stick with sending messages to a mailing list of friends and followers. Norman goes on to say that he agrees with TechCrunch that this move won't matter, because someone will just post the emails from Calacanis in a blog.

I believe this is completely correct. And it comes down to a very simple reason. You can't close Pandora's box. There are millions of people worldwide blogging. The blogosphere has developed into this complex web with its own etiquette, memes and niches. You can't get millions of people to stop doing such a routine action with a simple announcement.

The only way to stop blogging as a worldwide activity is to change it or replace it with something different. But this is already happening. Some people have changed from blogging to twittering. Others no longer do simple blogging, but social networking with a blog as part of the activity. Others do video blogs on YouTube or Digg articles to scratch that social itch. And if the Internet has taught us anything, it's that something new is just around the corner.

Online interaction and social media is now part of our culture and one Internet personality who only has recognition in tech circles is not going to change that.