Green Communications Conference, NYC – Introduction

On Tuesday, July 14, 2008, I attended the Green Communications Conference in New York City, presented by BDI, and sponsored by PR Newswire, Linked In and several others. Thanks, BDI for the opportunity to represent at the conference.

 Two key marketing trends cited in the introduction were:
1. Due to the proliferation of social media (and viral marketing) brand loyalty is no longer necessarily the result of a consumer’s first hand experience with the brand itself. Brand loyalty is now experienced through peer-to-peer sharing.

While there is some validity to that, I think it is more a generational shift, as the habits of the Brand Sirens group have been much studied.Their associations with brands tend to be tribal, viral and fickle. The Brand Sirens’ way of behaving with and towards brands is causing a major shift in how brand marketers communicate and present their product or service.

2. The “Green Movement” is now married to business.

Is it really married to business, or is it that business was “poked” so relentlessly by the citizen consumer and consumer advocates and shamed so often and so publically by environmental groups that it is finally coming to terms with the inevitable? Or does it mean something far more uncomfortable? E.G.: If big brother corporate cleaves the “green movement” to its bosom, does it also castrate it? When does an inconvenient truth become a convenient convention? Can hard-core greenies like Greenpeace really cooperate with Coca Cola? Lisa Manley, Director of Environmental Communications for Coca Cola, claims they do collaborate – at least to some degree. I’ll have more on her presentation in my next post.

I will post the above question on the social responsibilty discussion forum as well.