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Most digital photo experts will tell you that megapixel rating isn't everything — in fact, many of the professionally-shot digital images you see published in magazines, newspapers and websites are shot with mere 8MP pro-level digital SLRs like the Canon 20d. But that hasn't stopped the makers of pocket digicams from driving up the megapixel rating on their point-and-shoot cameras to get oohs and ahhs from their customers, and Samsung [SEO:005930] is only the latest to do so.

The company announced today that it will be producing a 14.7MP camera in the traditional point-and-shoot form factor, with a standard-issue wide angle 28mm Schneider lens and 3.6x optical zoom. The TL34HD, as it's being called, will also sport a 3-inch LCD out back, and be able to shoot video at 720p quality at 30 frames per second (perfect for YouTube capture.) One nifty video feature: image stabilizer and optical zoom can be used in movie mode as well as still-shot mode. Look for this little monster in September for a retail price of $330.