Image is Everything….What’s Your Public Identity?

In this age of branding, public image is no longer limited to business but is now very personal. Since the boom of the social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook …Hi5 (hey, don’t knock Hi5! I met the love of my life there!!!), the image of individuals is under continuous scurtiny.

The photos, the friends, the bio are all used to ‘sum up’ what a person is all about. So always keep in mind the image and the impression you want the public to have of you. As we are all well aware, these sites are powerful marketing tools, so what do you want to market yourself as? If you are an entrepreneur (as so many of us are), the image we reflect on these sites affect how our business is viewed….
….Do you have a corporate Image business with party girl pix?
… Do you have a photography business with poor quality photos posted?
….Are you an entertainment agent with NO photos of your involvement in the field?
… Are you promoting health awareness with photos showing your involvement (innocent as they may seem) in unhealthy habits…
Then you and your business run the risk of not being taken seriously and may not gain the confidence of the mass due to the contradictory image. This clearly can have a negative effect on your bottomline..your earnings…your profit..your moula.
Yea, the adage is true…image is everything…more so than ever before.
Of course, one such way to separate your personal life from your business is to set up separate networking accounts. The business account will reflect the logo and industry-related photos and information, while the personal allows you to be more natural.
So…if you never thought about this before, think about it!
Nuff Love,
Paula Yee Sing-Edwards
YaadNoyz Production LLC