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Casio [TYO:6952] is pushing the bar for pocket-sized point-and-shoot cameras a little higher this week with the announcement of their EX-Z150, which will feature a monster 3-inch LCD screen. Otherwise, this little digicam isn't too flashy: a mere 8.1MP sensor, 28mm wide angle lens, 4x optical zoom, and a "YouTube" mode that seems to be all the rage these days (it captures video at 640x480 at 30 frames per second for up to 10 minutes at a clip.) The body is a slim 20mm or so thick, adding up to a nice, feature-rich big-screen cam that isn't amazingly thin, but is slim nonetheless. Those kind of specs suggest that this camera is more of a value proposition than a top-shelf offering, which would make it one of the first to offer such a big screen on an entry-level camera. Casio hasn't announced availability or price yet, but those details should be coming soon.