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Vumber does one thing and does it well. Provide a cheap and easy to use, disposable phone number and voicemail product.

Vumber allows you to create a phone number from any area code you want, linked to your home, cell or work phone.

When someone calls your Vumber number you can: A) Answer it. B) Send it to a Vumber Voice mail. C) Give the caller an busy signal. D) Give the caller an out of service message. E) Give the caller an infinite ring, or F) A custom message you create.

You can call "from" your Vumber, too. Just dial your Vumber, and then dial the number. You still have your existing numbers, and you can still call and get calls from them. It provides true privacy protection when anyone calls your Vumber, and when you call anyone. 

So how can this help you? In your personal life it would be good in dating circles where you are wary of giving out a phone number to someone you don’t know very well. Excellent for things like classified ads and subscription based services where you personal information might be captured and used. But what is really intriguing is the potential business applications.

Here are a few I came up with:

Local Customers, Long Distance Number- Customers scattered across the country?  With Vumber, you can give them a local number to contact you even if your miles away.

Multiple Phones – I now see many people with two cell phones. One for business and one for personal. With Vumber you can separate your personal and professional lives without the hassle of carrying multiple phones.

Non- Company Provided Cell Phone – As a company, create a virtual cell phone number for your sales reps that points to their personal cell phone. If the rep leaves, point their Cell phone Vumber to the new sales persons cell phone. It’s that easy. No more worries that a ex-employee is stealing business.

Temporary Marketing Campaigns – Now you can have a phone number that rings at a central phone or gives a prerecorded message to callers. When the campaign is over, turn off the number.

Job Search - Job-hunting? Networking? You’re going to be giving your telephone number to a large number of people you may, in the end, not even want to talk to.  Again, since the number is disposable, change it or delete it at the end of your search.

Vumber is $9.99 a month. You can add additional Vumbers for $1.99 per month. Each Vumber get’s a VumberMail – voicemail. You can change your Vumber number 3 times for free.

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