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Chapter Description:

The famous story of Jerry Maguire is
not unlike what Mitchell James experiences in this chapter of EDGE! A
Leadership Story. Our main character, Mitch, goes through both a breakdown and
a breakthrough. He cannot escape the fact that he is not satisfied with his
place in his family, in the world at large or within the walls of Global Trade
Management, and he begins to dig deeply into his life by confronting his demons
and writing his personal manifesto. What starts out as a struggle-laden piece
of homework assigned by his Executive Coach, Kate Nelson, becomes pages and
pages of deeply rooted thoughts, emotions and passions about his life. He
reconnects with his creativity and what was most important in life, what ticked
him off, the death of his best friend, hearing the words of his colleagues and
wife, Anna. In doing so, he opens the door to reconciling his life with them.
This chapter is emotional, passionate and draws the reader in with a creative
writing exercise that will set your soul on fire!