WorkFast.TV: The 10 Secrets of Highly Productive People

Today’s show, The 10 Secrets of Highly Productive People, features Matt Rissell, CEO of TSheets, a Boise-based provider of online timeclocks used by employees and consultants. On his blog, he writes about how he set out to interview CEO’s and find the Top 10 Productivity Tools they use to manage their time. What he learned: There are 10 rules that the 75 successful people he surveyed all followed.

WorkFast.TV, a live Internet-distributed video show focused on how Internet technologies are changing the way we work, will air live on FastCompany.TV today. Tech bloggers Robert Scoble and Shel Israel will co-host the show that features interviews with people who are using new tools and work styles to become more productive.

As a live show, WorkFast encourages user-interaction and feedback through comments, chat, video response, and Skype call-ins. Feedback and questions will even be taken through FriendFeed and Twiter. In other words, the viewer gets to actively participate in the conversation and ask questions along with the hosts. Kyte, the video platform that makes streaming the show live possible, features chat, where users get to type in comments and responses in real time.

This weeks’ show won’t have a chat room during the show, but will be interactive after the show. This will allow the hosts to focus their attention completely on the guest during the interview.

Filmed in the Revision 3 studios, WorkFast is live today at 10 a.m. [Pacific], 1 p.m. [Eastern.] The program is sponsored by SAP. Tune in here.LDJ