Nonsense At Work

Risk of knowing more than the boss

Do you realize that knowing more than the boss could cost you that new job?

A friend, let’s call him Pete, recently told me that he knew exactly when the decision was made not to offer him the new job.  Pete was having dinner as part of the interview process with the boss and another executive.  The other executive was aware that Pete had once worked in the wine industry and so he asked Pete to select the wine.  The problem was that the boss deemed himself to be the resident wine expert.

Pete was left with a simple choice.  Order a good wine according to his expertise or an inferior wine to stroke the boss’s ego.  Be dishonest to get the job or be true unto himself.

Years later the other executive acknowledge the reason why Pete did not get the job.

I drink a toast to you not being scared of hiring someone who knows more than you do.

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