Netroots Nation

Have you heard of Netroots Nation?  

Netroots Nation is America’s largest gathering of progressive bloggers. This year’s convention, which will take place July 17-20 in Austin, TX, features more than 100 sessions focusing on how technology intersects with and is changing democracy in America.

This is a big time gathering and they are taking on a critically important subject.  Yes, its a presidential election year – so there is more attention than ever on politics and the impact of the blogosphere.  And while I always enjoy a good political discussion, there are bigger fish to fry.  Technology is changing the way we govern, helping to address serious social issues around the globe, and driving the future of our economy and our society.  This conference, and the people who will be in attendance, are on the front lines of those fights.

Here is a short list of the speakers: Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Van Jones, Lawrence Lessig, Darcy Burner, Paul Krugman, Harold Ford Jr., James Rucker, John Dean, Brad Miller, Rick Noriega, and of course Kos – the mastermind behind one of the most influential political blogs in the country and a powerful progressive voice.

Go to for more information, and if you want to register (which I hope you will), let me know because I have a code that will get you a nice little discount.

More later. BR