Medical Wellness

A growing movement to encourage wellness AND medical travel is important to build client traffic. Medical wellness may mean different things. I was able to recently engage in a conversation with well placed individuals on this subject. 
Here is what we discovered. Clients devote time in a more introspective and exotic location to learn about themselves and their medical conditions. Trained professional dietary consultants, physical trainers, medical specialists, cooking teachers and the host facilities would help the clients learn about the management of the illnesses.
How to manage diet, habits, physical activity and weight all prevent future medical complications. Not just booklets, but committed everyday learning and activity. Teaching these concepts in a more self-intensive location, allows more time to focus and learn. 
This pattern strengthens the teachings by incorporating these new habits into daily routines. Teams can develop to support each other at the destination. There is time to fully embrace and live this new life, free from the distractions of modern life.
In building this state of mind, strength of mind and habit changing activity, clients have a better chance of returning as a stronger person with new habits and learnings to successfully maintain their new found lives.
We want to develop groups of similar people who will travel, live, learn and return together. This team building approach also builds a better support network for when they return and challenges appear.
Best of health!
Jim McCormick MD
Premiere Medical Travel