Do We Really Need to be iReady?

There are several Apple/Mac/iPhone-esque sites out there who for the past week have been telling consumers to get iReady.  I’m not so sure I understand what this all is supposed to mean.

This is straight retail people.  You walk into either AT&T or Apple.  Your wallet includes the necessary contents such as id, credit card, cash, social security card (or commence the number to brain).   Is it extremely necessary to be reminded or prepped on how to shop?

Both AT&T and Apple have released videos on preparing for your iPhone purchase and even include a downloadable check-list… but we know how retail works.  You can be as prepared as you possibly can but things could still go wrong.  ie… the AT&T reps computer screen info doesn’t match that of yours.  What’s funny is that out of all of this “getting ready” hype neither company mentions that you account must be in good standing.  Your bill must be up to date… which is a given.

I believe it was just created to enhance the excitement.  If you aren’t iReady you stlll have the chance of walking out with a new iPhone 3G… so don’t worry. 🙂