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For those outdoor enthusiasts who haven't found a GPS to their liking, Amazon [NASDAQ:AMZN] and may have come to your rescue. The two sites simultaneously leaked the existence of a new line of Garmin [NASDAQ:GRMN] GPS devices by listing them, though incompletely, on their respective sites. While Amazon is showing that five models will be available, is getting specific on two of the models of the new "Oregon" line. The Oregon 200 and 400c, according to the latter site, will retail for $450 and $600 respectively, and feature 3-inch color touchscreens similar to Garmin's existing Colorado line devices.

In contrast to the Colorado, though, the Oregon will be one inch shorter and half an ounce lighter, while sharing the Colorado's rugged form factor and waterproof enclosure. Maps will be loaded via microSD, and like many GPS devices, users can pick between five use profiles: automotive, marine, recreation, fitness or geocache. The Oregon devices will also provide views of elevation in 3D, and feature social data sharing; as's listing states, the Orgeon units will have "the ability to exchange waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly between units."