Global Warming and You

Long ago I loved to read the comic strip ‘Pogo’. Pogo was a possum and a pithy homey philosopher who often hit the nail squarely on the thumb. One of my favorite observations by Pogo was, “We has met the enemy, and he is us”.
In the matter of global warming, we sure has and we sure is.
I continue to see skeptical remarks about the reality of global warming and possible (possible??) consequences of it. I found a site called “”, which has dona hey (“many”) satellite photos of the arctic ice pack from just about any year you care to check.
The ones that chill my blood – no pun intended – are the ones from 2007, when the fabled Northwest Passage was OPEN WATER. First time in written history, takoszja… And that includes winter counts by the Indigenous People who have lived up there for dona hey sum (more than many) centuries.
For any purists about the term ‘winter count’ – Every ITI People has some way of keeping track of time. The term ‘winter count’ is from my People, not necessarily any ITI from the far north.
People wonder if we are ‘going to’ have a problem from global warming? We already do.
We has definitely met the enemy, and he is definitely us. Do us all a favor and check out the satellite photos on, and then lets all put our heads together and see what we can do to save the planet from the depredations we have all already contributed to, before we have pushed the envelope to bursting, and we have no chance left at all.
Mitakuye oiasin. All, my relatives.CTE