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Some people will read this as YAFS - Yet Another Facebook Story - but I think it is different because it shows how I used a social network in a way that will provide free promotion for me, my ventures and build my reputation: Something that I feel would be helpful to many people.

I was recently asked to read an upcoming book on entrepreneurship and provide a written testimonial and video if I liked it. The book is called The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and is written by Mike Michalowicz coming out in September.

I jumped at the opportunity because of Mike's bio and reputation, read it below:

A graduate of Inc. & MIT’s "Birthing of Giants" Entrepreneurial Program, Mike received Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards multiple times. He is a recurring guest on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR), and in the New York Times, Smart CEO Magazine, and other publications.
Mike is a guest lecturer for entrepreneurial groups at Babson, Boston College, Columbia, Harvard, Penn State, and other colleges throughout the country. He bleeds Orange and Maroon (meaning he’s a die hard Virginia Tech Hokie fan).

No one passes up an opportunity like that right?

I read the book and really liked it so I provided a testimonial and recorded a video with my Co-founder my younger brother Robert). My testimonial is now on the website sitting just below Donny Deutsch's and will also be one of only four (4) on the back cover of the book when it comes out in September!

The testimonial will be just below Donny's and the credit will say "David Mullings, Co-founder of" - unbelievable promotion for our venture.

Not only am I going to benefit tremendously from this, I am most likely the only and also the youngest Jamaican ever asked to endorse a mainstream business book in the USA, possibly the World (I am only 27 btw).

I also volunteered to help promote the book on Facebook since that falls within my marketing expertise (fan pages, ads, groups, etc.)

So what did Facebook have to do with this?

I joined Facebook last July after seeing my wife spend so much time on it and finally asking her to explain what was so intriguing. I immediately realized that the groups provided a great way to network with other entrepreneurs and became active in a few of them, posting questions, sharing stories and answering questions.

Within 3 weeks I connect with Scott Bradley, the president of the Boston College Entrepreneurship Society at the time. He loved our story and my blog posts on entrepreneurship (on my blog) and ended up flying us to Boston College in October 2008 to present at the school.

Mike Michalowicz presented the week after we did and Scott arranged a conference call to introduce us because he thought we would like each other.

Ever since then we have kept in touch and when Mike completed the draft of the book, he reached out to me because he knew our story so well and really liked my approach to business and entrepreneurship.

I keep telling people that social networks are tools and how people use them is what makes them valuable. Most of the other networks would not have lead to this outcome because they either don't have the right people or don't have the right environment to facilitate this kind of networking. Even LinkedIn wouldn't lead to this because it is so much harder to find groups than on Facebook.

This is not the first major thing I have achieved through Facebook and I know it won't be the last. How are using social networking sites to benefit your venture or your reputation?