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The line between the real world and the online world got a little more fuzzy today. Vivaty ( just announced the launch of their public beta. I normally wouldn’t write about a beta launch but I saw the screenshots and this just looked cool. If you’re wondering what Vivaty is, they’ve developed a new user interface that plugs into Facebook or AIM. Now here’s the kicker, their virtual UI looks like a 3-D movie. You actually "live" in it, as opposed to just having a home page or profile page. Check out the screenshots to see what I’m talking about. You can create your own virtual space that you inhabit like a real space. You can talk to friends, watch movies on a "TV" hanging on your virtual wall and do all the things that you would do in real life. They’ve got solid backing from Kleiner Perkins and Mohr Davidow so they’re launching with high expectations. I wonder how many users they’ll get just from guys creating worlds with virtual girlfriends.

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