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A simple web site that sells products. A problem with one sale, the customer orders a $40 product in error and asks for a refund/credit. Do you train your CS staff to say, "sorry, your fault, no can do" or have you calculated the ocst of customer acquisition and realized that great service will get you more business?

Apple, the company some of us love to hate. Yet, I've never had a better customer experience than the one I have had so far with iTunes. They always give the customer the benefit of the doubt regarding bad downloads or corrupted files, event hough a customer could be lying about say, a rental that expired. Further, iTunes Store has issues several refunds and credits (yes both) for series related to the writers' strike and other oddities, such as the occasional removal of an episode.

On the other hand, you have a company like who refused to work with me on an erroneous order, then added to me to a mailing list (insult to injury!). It is indeed fortunate that I use for early dealings with companies like this one. Now InkClub can say, "the customer ordered the wrong product" all day long, but if I were in the retail business, I'd have made some kind of feel good dea,, a win win situation that would likely have resulted in word of mouth business and renewed customer confidence. Instead I'm here to say do not use InkClub, they don't care about customers and their prices stink.