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I was in a car accident a few weeks ago, and like everyone that has that misfortune, I also was not looking forward to dealing with the insurance company.

A little damage to the cars, but I tweaked my neck. All is well but I am glad to have gone through the exercise because as long as I have Travelers, I won’t dread having to work through the process.

And the reason is very simple. Anne Stath, my contact, absolutely could not have made a better impression about how seriously Travelers takes its customer’s business, and how important it is to them to have a happy customer. Not only was the service immediate, but I was asked intermittently over the course of a week how my neck was, if she / they do anything to improve my situation, and was given exactingly clear information and instructions along the way about all of the finer elements of the process, and what was expected.

I have had other insurance companies that treated me as a number, and have also heard horror stories about insensitive and uncompromising agents that cared only about the company’s bottom line. But Travelers, while it has the same concerns and financial goals, went above and beyond.

The brand moral of this incident: treat every customer like they are the only one that matters, every single time you come into contact with them, and you will be rewarded in kind.

And give them the information they need to know, when they need to know it - in this digital world, you can find anything. Better to be upfront than risk a PR nightmare. It is what I tell clients repeatedly, and consistently reinforce to the people at my agency.

And it is why restaurants, stores and web sites that think it is chic to have attitude and faux exclusivity, always go under. And why car dealerships lose so much easy business.