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We Are Now 8

The symbol we call '8' is also the mathemtatical symbol for infinity. In the Traditional ITI way of looking at things, the symbol for infinity is made this way because it is 2 circles conjoined, and so speaks simultaneously to our subconscious's about both worlds - this one, called the World of Illusion and Shadows, and the Spirit World, also called the Real World. The Spirit World is where we come from when we are born onto the earth, and where we go back to when we "pass on" and our bodies return to the earth they are made from, to feed it and help subsequent generations of life to survive. (The majority way of burying is antithetical to this view - like so much of the majority culture is (still) in opposition to our Traditional ITI ways. I can't help but wonder how / if global warming is going to change the majority culture way of dealing with deceased bodies.) We don't know why the "8" form was taken for the concept of "eight", back in the mists of time. Does anyone in the group have any idea(s) about this?