Quality People Produce Quality Products

Did you believe otherwise? Think again! Did you remember that time when you hired Mr. X out of despair, hoping that he might turn to be an OK employee? Do you remember those signs of carelessness you observed while interviewing him? The wrinkled shirt, uncombed hair, and unpolished shoes. And those signs of poor writing skills in his resume. 


Have no doubt; quality people (and only quality people) produce quality products, services, life experiences, etc. Those are the people who radiate quality everywhere they go, and in everything they do; every time and all the time. No exceptions and no shortcuts. It’s as if they have a quality aura about them. Everything they touch turns to be high quality.


Rest assured that low quality people shall produce low quality products and services. Those are the ones who send you the mistakes ridden resumes, come unprepared to the interview, come late to work, blame others for their mistakes, use foul language, and always complaining.


Are you a quality person? Do you do it right whenever you are able to? Do you live a quality life at home, work, and in-between? Do you notice and cherish quality products no matter how small or simple they are?


Quality people build quality products, quality systems, quality organizations, and quality life.


So, if you are planning to succeed in work, life, or anything else, befriend, hang around, hire, and deal with quality people. Life is too short to waste on low quality employees, suppliers, friends, etc. If you are going to do it, DO only Quality People!


Peace be with you,

Fahmi Abdein