advertisement Launches And Gets On The Same Day

I have been nagging my wife with an idea since 2005 that I felt was the perfect team project to combine my business experience and her graphic design abilities:

advertisement – a website/blog focused on editorial commentary on startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital through cartoons.

It officially launched on July 2 and I started an ad campaign on Facebook using the $100 I got for being among the first couple thousand to join the Visa Business Network.

I targeted one ad to people who worked at companies like Inc, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and so forth, with the hopes of getting to people I otherwise would have to hire a PR firm to reach.

That evening, the staff blog on (Inc. magazine’s website) had a post mentioning the site and how it was such a coincidence that the July issue was all about startups – What a Coincidence.

That publicity has been great for traffic and raising the profile of the site. I expected this venture to get far more publicity in the next 6 months than my main one,, but day 1 caught even me by surprise.

The journey is shaping up to be fun.