The New Rules of Getting The Job (“Rules, What Rules?”) Part 1 – What’s Your Web Sig Saying About You?

Beginning a job search when you don’t have any idea of what your web signature looks like is analogous to applying for a mortgage loan without knowing your credit score.  Bottom line: Don’t do it.

Perform a simple Google search to see what is out there.  It’s real easy to do – just use quotes.  For example, if you name is Jim Smith, use the following strings:  “Jim Smith”, “James Smith”, “Jimmy Smith” Xyz Company, etc.

The goal here is to find what your web visibility looks like.  Are there any flaming threads?  Any questionable political statements?  Sure, perhaps a Recruiter won’t even search, but why take the chance?

Next, inventory your social networks.  Are there any half-clothed pics of you out there? (C’mon Gen-Y . . . you know exactly what I’m talking about!)  Any pics of you doing beer bongs during college days a couple years ago?  Any pics of you in Goth or sporting a gold-and-diamond grill?

Look, I want to help you . . . But first, you have to help yourself by deleting anything questionable.  Maybe this process takes 20 – 30 minutes, and trust me that I can’t overstate the importance here.  Don’t roll the dice on this – you just might come up snake eyes.

So today, swallow the frog and get it done.  Then tune back in – Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Yours in Breaking the Rules,
Joshua Letourneau
Managing Director, LG & Assoc Search / Talent Strategy
email: jletourneau(at)lgexec.comJL